A precompiled NIMIQ Miner optimized
for maximum hashrate

Best hashrate

This miner is optimized to use your CPU as good as possible and thus reaching the best hashrate possible right now. Further improvements are still possible and might happen sooner or later.

Pool support

Supports all pools based on the official pool protocol. Supports automatic reconnects and switches to solo mining if a pool is down.

Advanced monitoring and Setup

(Soon) Monitor your miner online and supports managing your miners using a clean and inutitive webinterface. Automaticly push settings to new miners to speed up setup.


Starting with version 0.2 the miner detects your cpu automatically. If you are fine with beta testing new features, hashrate improvements or bugs you can use the beta version (of there is one) or use the stable one if you do not have time to hunt down bugs.

Download the version and unzip it to any folder. Usually you can do that using these commands

wget https://miner.beeppool.org/downloads/beepminer-0.3.3.zip
unzip beepminer-0.3.3.zip
cd beepminer-0.3.3
After that you are ready to mine. Start the miner using ./miner --wallet-address='NQXX XXXX ...'

It will automaticly establish consensus and start mining using beeppool. It is also possible to adjust a bunch of settings by appending additional command line flags.

Command line flagDescription
--miner=<threads>Number of threads used for mining
--pool=<url>:<port>Connect to a pool using the given URL and Port. You can usually find thesevalues on the pool main page
--pool=<name>(Soon) Connect to a pool by name, choosing the server with lowest latency
--deviceLabel=<name>Name for this miner, usually visible in the pool statistics
--in-memoryStore consensus database in memory
--architecture=<name>Force the usage of a specific architecture
--protocol=dumb|ws|wssChoose how your miner connects to the NIMIQ network. If you are using a public reachable server or can modify your router/firewall settings you may consider using ws or wss. That way other servers can connect to your miner and improve your conection to the NIMIQ network. If you own a domain you can even activate wss to secure the connection. Defaults to dumb.
--host=<name>IP Address or domain name, only required if you use ws or wss as protocol
--port=<port>Port used for connections, only required if you use ws or wss as protocol
--cert=<path>Path to the certificate file, only required if you use wss as protocol
--key=<path>Path to the private key file, only required if you use wss as protocol


Where can I get help if it doesn't work?
Just join the Beeppool Discord, there is a channel for support.

How much faster is this miner?
Depending on your previous miner and your hardware it might be up to 20% faster.

Do I have to pay for it?
Right now the miner is free, no dev fee etc. This may change in the future and previous version might stop working. If something changes there will be plenty of time to update.

I like your work, can I support it somehow?
You can post feedback and additional ideas, help other users to setup mining, try new beta builds, contribute some code or just send me a small donation.

What about windows?
Right now there is no special build for windows, you can use Nimiq Desktop Miner (by Kunani)

For poolowner

What does deviceLabel do?
--deviceLabel gets send during registration as deviceName, deviceLabel and as entry in deviceData

How can my pool get added to be available by name?
To get added as a pool that works by name I need one or multiple pool servers. For most pools this data will be available soon. If I missed to add you please send me a PM.

Can I link my miners to your page and provide different setup instructions?
Sure, but please do not deeplink the download link and provide some credits.